Sustainability Initiatives

Policy and Approach

We strive to comply with fair trade practices and green procurement in order to build a better society.

With this in mind, in order to fulfill our social responsibilities in the supply chain and to gain the understanding and cooperation of our various stakeholders, we will work with our suppliers on an equal footing, based on mutual understanding, to ensure stable procurement through ongoing transactions that are strictly evaluated based on fair and impartial standards, and develop domestic and international trading markets to promote new entrants, and conducting economical and rational transactions.
Our purchasing policy is to procure from companies that comply with the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct, OECD Due Diligence (OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas), and mineral resource disclosure rules, while giving priority to companies that are actively involved in environmentally friendly products and services.
We will work together with our suppliers to procure and purchase raw materials and materials in consideration of the above so that this purchasing policy can be properly implemented not only in our own company but also in the entire supply chain.


We give priority to doing business with suppliers that meet our standards, and we share values and implement improvement activities with our suppliers to realize a sustainable society. In addition, we will perform face-to-face audits to provide an opportunity for mutual growth through active exchange of opinions and information sharing.