Sustainability Initiatives

We are working to reduce risks in the transportation process of our products and to ensure comprehensive safety in logistics. To ensure safety in emergencies, we require the transport personnel to carry yellow cards and safety data sheets at all times, and in cooperation with external disaster prevention organizations, we have established a system to promptly respond to leaks and fires during transportation of raw materials and products.

Special gas transport vehicle
Yellow Cards
Safety data sheets
PL labels

Cooperation with Logistics Companies

We have established the Distribution Safety Sectional Meeting in both the Shibukawa and Mizushima regions as part of the Logistics Safety Committee that is a subordinate organization of the RC Promotion Council. As a forum for cooperation and mutual growth, the Distribution Safety Sectional Meeting is formed of the Company and logistics companies, and contributes to improvements in distribution quality. In the Meeting activities, we make various efforts including the lively exchange of opinions and sharing of information for the safe and secure transport of products, in addition to hands-on training session on safe cargo handling operations and joint safety patrols on distribution equipment at our plants.

Training session on safe cargo handling operations

Energy conservation measures in logistics

We are working to improve efficiency and energy conservation in logistics by promoting modal shifts, reducing the number of transport times by increasing the size of transport containers, and introducing container round use, which promotes the round trip use of import and export cargo containers.
We will continue to promote modal shifts, round container use, and the introduction of energy-saving vehicles to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact during logistics.