Sustainability Initiatives

Work-life Balance

We have introduced flextime, and are promoting the reduction of overtime work, and the use of paid leave in order to achieve a better work-life balance for our employees.
We are working to improve the rate of paid leave utilization by posting the rate of paid leave utilization by office and department on the company intranet.
The paid leave utilization rate for FY2020 was 71.7%.
As for childcare leave, we make it known on the intranet that men can also take childcare leave.
In FY2020, two male employees took childcare leave.

Employee Training System

Employee Training Program by Position

Regardless of the type of job, we provide training to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out the roles required of each level of our company's employees, and to improve the overall level of the Company.

Training period Training theme
Before joining the company Business training using business newspapers, correspondence education (for new working adults)
When joining the company Group training for new employees, training for each workplace
Six months after joining the company Follow-up training
Third year of employment Self-motivation training, logical communication training
When promoted to chief Mid-level employee training
When promoted to deputy assistant manager Correspondence education (basic management course)
When promoted to assistant manager Practical training to cultivate ability to find out and solve their own problems
When promoted to management position Training for new management level employees, correspondence course

Harassment Prevention Measures

Employee work rules and regulations clearly state that sexual harassment, power harassment, and harassment related to pregnancy, childbirth, childcare leave, and nursing care leave are prohibited and that violations will result in disciplinary action.
In addition, a consultation service for harassment has been set up. It provides for the protection of the privacy of those involved and to ensure that no disadvantageous treatment is given to whistleblowers.
The results of the workplace analysis of the stress check are fed back to the head of the department for use in workplace management, and various training programs are conducted as needed to prevent harassment.