Sustainability Initiatives

In order to provide the quality and safety required by our customers, we will develop human resources with a higher awareness of quality, and implement improvements in quality, productivity, and operational reliability through the participation of all employees.

Our quality assurance system is based on ISO 9001. Our Shibukawa Plant and Mizushima Plant have acquired ISO 9001 certification and have been audited by an auditing organization to verify the adequacy of our quality management system and to improve it.

Introduction of Cutting-edge Analysis Technologies

The Company works to improve analysis technologies in both intangible and tangible aspects. During FY2020, we proactively invested in the adoption of cutting-edge analysis technologies, mounted high-sensitivity analyzer to improve the accuracy of analysis, and actively conducted trials and studies on new analysis technologies in order to assess high-quality products in a more multi-faceted and correct manner. Also, focused on quality education, we conduct education to enhance quality control levels, including quality trend management points, cause analysis methods, and quality risk identification tools. Analysis engineers work to acquire and hone skills in advanced technologies through active participation in seminars by external specialist organization, in addition to internal education and training.

High-sensitivity gas analyzer
High-sensitivity moisture analyzer

Promotion of Analysis Automation

The Company is promoting the gradual automation of analysis work. We are using automation to improve analysis accuracy and improve operational efficiency.

Essential equipment for analysis automation

Analysis Operations in a Clean Analysis Environment

The Company is enhancing its clean rooms to ensure analysis is conducted in spaces with a high degree of cleanliness in order to enable the analysis of minute volumes, even at orders of part per trillions.

Analysis being carried out in a clean room