Leading-edge technologies to satisfy heightened
expectations for recording media.

Kanto Denka's ferrochemicals are contributing significantly to progress in the rapidly evolving IT industry. In the reprographics segment, the quality of the magnetite and carriers, which supply toner to the photoconductor drums, is critical as copier and printer manufacturers seek to increase functionality and image quality year after year.
With our surface-coating expertise and a proprietary Kanto Denka resin-coating technology, we can supply carriers of all the major types--iron, magnetite and ferrite--custom tailored to each manufacturer's specific needs. In addition to iron and magnetite carriers, our lineup also satisfies environmental concerns with clean and environmentally friendly ferrite (EF Ferrite) free of heavy metals.
Magnetite is an important raw material for magnetic toner. We offer a broad array of magnetite products with varying particle shapes, granularity and magnetic properties for different toners.
As a top-quality supplier of recording media products, we offer our customers the capability to change and grow with their needs.

  • Printers
    Our magnetite is featured in a variety of toners.
  • reprographics Carriers
    Our iron, ferrite and magnetite carriers are used in the developer for copiers, printers and other reprographics equipment.
    Environment-friendly ferrite carriers are free of heavy metals.

Product Lineup

  • Reprographic carriers
    Transport medium for the developer in copiers and laser printers
  • Magnetite
    Materials for one-component toner in copiers and printers
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