COMPANYGreetings from the President

Since its establishment in 1938, Kanto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) has accumulated specialized knowledge and technologies on electrolysis, chiefly hydrofluoric acid electrolysis technologies for efficiently producing a large amount of high-purity fluorine, and fluorine-related technologies with an extensive range of applications, such as battery materials, pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals.

Under the 12th medium-term management plan that started in fiscal 2022, we will strive to achieve our target of \100 billion in consolidated net sales in fiscal 2024 through the core strategies of “promote expansion of the fine chemicals business,” “raise the level of the production technology,” “enhance human resource development,” and “increase social value.”

In line with its management principles and action guidelines in consideration of corporate social responsibility, the Company group will endeavor to strengthen its management practices and corporate culture, thereby constructing a company that is trusted by society and for which employees can feel proud of working.

Your continued support would be greatly appreciated.

President Jun’ichi Hasegawa

President Jun’ichi Hasegawa