The Kanto Denka Kogyo Group complies with all relevant laws and regulations as a matter of course, in accordance with our Management Principles, and carries out strictly ethical practices, thus working to maintain the confidence of our customers and society.

To this end, Our Group has formulated the "Compliance Manual of the Kanto Denka Kogyo Group," to be followed by all directors and employees of the group companies, for use as a guidepost for daily business activities at the group companies. In addition, in order to coordinate and administer overall compliance practices at the group companies, a Compliance Committee has been set up at Kanto Denka Kogyo, and an Internal Compliance Alert System established at each of the group companies.

Code of Conduct

The following summary of the Code of Conduct, which is to be observed by all directors and employees of the group companies, is excerpted from the Compliance Manual.

Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and strict enforcement of ethical practices

  • Comply with relevant laws and regulations, carry out strictly ethical practices, and engage in open business activities.

Building favorable relations with stakeholders

  • Develop better communication with shareholders, investors and the mass media, and disclose corporate information to them.
  • Make deals with our business partners and suppliers based on fair rules, and win their confidence in our group companies.
  • Maintain ethically sound and transparent relations with government and other public agencies and politicians.
  • With regard to people of the community, seek symbiosis with the local community and contribute to the security of community life.
  • Respect the individual characters and personality of employees, and provide a safe and people-friendly work environment.

Building a sustainable society

  • As a member of society, preserve the Global Environment in a voluntary and active way.

Attitude toward antisocial forces and organizations

  • In accordance with the "Three 'NO's," refuse relations with antisocial forces and organizations.

Ensuring the reliability of financial reporting

  • The design and operation of internal controls over financial reporting and the preparation of financial reports shall comply with laws, regulations, internal rules, etc., and shall be honest and fair.

Compliance Committee and
linternal Compliance Alert System

Compliance Committee

Kanto Denka Kogyo has established a Compliance Committee, chaired by the President of the company, with outside as well as inside members.

Constituents of the committee
President, Kanto Denka Kogyo
Vice Chairperson
Board Director in charge of Personnel and General Affairs Department
Affairs Department Member
A certain numbers of members appointed by the Chairperson, and Heads of Departments
Outside Members
Corporate lawyers
Standing Auditors
Personnel and General Affairs Department
Major roles of the Committee
  • ・Administration of compliance systems in the Kanto Denka Kogyo Group
  • ・Thorough awareness-raising campaigns on compliance
  • ・Handling of cases that require specific compliance action

Each company of the Kanto Denka Kogyo Group has appointed persons in charge of promoting compliance. These employees promote compliance activities in partnership with the Compliance Committee.

Internal Compliance Alert System

Any director or employee of the Kanto Denka Group who discovers the violation of a compliance requirement or believes that one is about to be violated, is obliged to report that violation or possible violation, through the Internal Compliance Alert System, to the Director of the Personnel and General Affairs Department or Standing Auditors of Kanto Denka Kogyo, employees in charge of promoting compliance at each of group company, or to corporate lawyers. In addition, company regulations stipulate that the person filing the report must not be treated unfavorably.