Sustainability Initiatives

Basic Policy

Kanto Denka Kogyo Group complies with laws, regulations, and internal rules to properly manage the information about customers and our group that we handle in our corporate activities.
In particular, we recognize that dealing with risks such as information leaks and tampering caused by information systems is one of the most important management issues in protecting information assets from all kinds of threats.
In order to protect information assets from various threats, we strive to raise information security awareness among all directors and employees, implement multifaceted measures to prevent information security incidents, and continuously enhance information security.


The Information Security Sectional Meeting is established under the Compliance and Risk Management Committee to systematically promote the understanding and analysis of the information security risks of the entire Kanto Denka Kogyo Group, the study and implementation of continuous and systematic risk reduction measures, and the analysis of their effectiveness.


Technological and Institutional Initiatives

We prevent unauthorized access to confidential information by setting access restrictions, establish a system to prevent unauthorized removal of information, develop internal rules for information security, and conduct regular monitoring based on these rules.
In order to protect the Kanto Denka Kogyo Group's information assets from external cyber attacks, we are continuously working to build and strengthen a multi-layered defense system to deter unauthorized intrusion, and to build and strengthen a system for early detection and initial response to unauthorized intrusion.

Education and Training

To raise the awareness of information security among all directors and employees of the Kanto Denka Kogyo Group, and to respond to increasingly sophisticated targeted attacks, we will continue to conduct targeted attack email training, group training, and in-house training using web conference systems.