Sustainability Initiatives

In order to build a better society, our officers and employees comply with laws, regulations, and internal rules, and by encouraging ethical behavior, we will conduct fair corporate activities, gain the trust of society, and become a company that is accepted both domestically and internationally, as we fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR).
In addition, with regard to anti-corruption as advocated in the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the Board of Directors has established an anti-corruption declaration for all employees of the Group, and we will implement actions in line with the principles of this policy.

    Kanto Denka Kogyo Group Anti-corruption Policy

    Kanto Denka Kogyo Group complies with the laws and regulations regarding the prohibition of all forms of corruption, including bribery, that apply to the countries and regions in which we conduct business, and has established the following basic policy (below, the "Basic Policy"), which all executives and employees working for Kanto Denka Kogyo Group comply with.

  • 1.Prohibition of entertainment and gift-giving to public officials, etc.
  • In order to eliminate codependency and collusion with public officials, etc. in Japan and overseas, we will refrain from false rituals (simplification and rationalization of rituals) and prohibit gift-giving and entertainment, etc. that are intended to influence the performance of duties.

  • 2.Establishment of fair and honest business relationships
  • In business transactions, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations, avoid collusion including price arrangements with other companies in the same industry, and engage in fair and highly transparent corporate activities. The giving of gifts or entertainment to business partners by directors, officers, employees, or others that exceed the scope of legal and common business practices is prohibited.

  • 3.Thorough management of accounting records
  • In order to fulfill our accountability for compliance with the Basic Policy, we will accurately and appropriately record in our accounting books and other documents with reasonable detail.

  • 4.Reporting
  • If we discover any violation of laws and regulations regarding the prohibition of bribery or other forms of corruption, we will promptly report it and take appropriate action in a timely manner.

  • 5.Periodic Review and Improvement
  • We will periodically review the Basic Policy, and revise and improve it as necessary.